Friday, July 30, 2010

Moms Who Make a Differrence

Do you love your Mom? Do you say thank you for all the deeds she has done for you? Moms are God’s best gifts to the family. And who are these moms? They are the ones who make a difference in the lives of their family. Below are some of the reasons why they make a difference.

  1. They make home a welcome place. Even how busy moms are they see to it that the house is always a welcome place for everybody.
  2. They grow with their kids. There is no substitute fro spending time with your children. Spectacular or sensational moments to children are nothing. Just simple joys of doing things together. Moms cannot build a solid, loving and caring family without growing up with their children. Therefore, moms who make a difference are available whenever their children need them.
  3. They pray with their kids. Praying for the children is a gesture of love, genuine love. Whenever children see or hear their moms pray for them, they feel loved and cared for. By praying together, moms not only get a glimpse of their children’s hearts; children are also introduced to the miracle of answered prayers.
  4. They take time to express their love. A hug, a tap on the shoulder, a love note, words of encouragement, a candy or chocolate dropped in the bag for their children to find are simple expressions of love.
  5. They make wise investments. Teaching children household chores, money investment and reasonable choices is a wise investment. Children will not only grow up to be practical and independent but delight to have around. Wise moms also invest in their children’s lessons in piano, violin, painting, singing though it’s expensive but these hobbies can serve as a fallback after college.
  6. They respect their husbands. A wife who respects and loves her husband is a pearl of great peace.
  7. They value their parents-in-law.

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